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Our strategy

At Smith & Nephew, we support healthcare professionals in their daily efforts to improve the lives of their patients.

We do this by taking a pioneering approach, ensuring wider access to the latest technologies and enabling better clinical outcomes. To achieve our vision, we have five strategic priorities. 

Our five strategic priorities set out in an infographic

1.      Build a strong position in established markets

Build upon existing strong positions, win market share through greater product and commercial innovation and drive efficiencies to liberate resources.

Note: ‘Established Markets’ for Smith & Nephew are the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

2.      Focus on emerging markets

Deliver leadership in the emerging markets by building strong, direct customer relationships, widening access to our premium products and developing portfolios designed for the economic mid-tier population.

Note: ‘Emerging Markets’ represent those outside of the Established Markets including Brazil, China, India and Russia.

3.      Innovate for value

Deliver pioneering products and business models that improve clinical and economical outcomes and widen access across geographies and patient groups.

4.      Simplify and improve our operating model

We pursue maximum efficiency in everything we do, streamline our operations and manufacturing, remove duplication and build strong global functions to support our commercial teams.

5.      Supplement organic growth with acquisitions

We build on our platform by acquiring complementary technologies, manufacturing and distribution in the Emerging Markets and complementary products or businesses in our higher growth segments. 

Vision and values

We perform, we innovate and we earn trust